100% greek olive oil

From the groves of Mankind's Finest Olives

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celebrating the best olives in the world

Discover the authentic & Fresh flavors of Greece!

We produce and import the finest Extra Virgin olive oils and Organic Wine Vinegars. Our estate grown and carefully hand selected olives are harvested and pressed at the precise moment resulting in a 100% pure, unfiltered oil that is extraordinary in taste and fragrance, as fresh as summer on the islands of Greece. Our varieties come from groves centuries old.

The best brands begin with passion.

The Kolossos Life Story

Kolossos Life founded in 2012, has experienced significant growth and it's thanks to all of our customers that have joined us on our journey. We hope to continue to serve you by maintaining the high level of quality that you have come to expect, offering new products that you can enjoy and add to your Kolossos Life collection.

Give The Gift of Greece

Our robust olive oil is pressed from Koroneiki olives grown in Lakonia, Greece, is full-bodied and peppery, with hints of nuts, green tea, and tomato leaf. The mild oil is pressed from Manaki olives grown in Argolida and has a delicate buttery flavor of ripe olive fruit, with hints of apricot ripe apple and pine.