Kolossos Life

About Us

Kolossos Life was founded in 2012 by Edward Billys Latoni.  Edward’s grandparents are from the Greek island of Mitilini. Edward’s passion is to discover and import premium products from his homeland. He travels to Greece often, visiting producer partners and friends. He ventures to outlying areas where only the best products are grown, farmlands that have been cultivated for centuries.

Where We Started

Since we launched our products in September of 2012, we partnered with many wonderful chefs and their teams. These creative masters are our inspiration.


Where We Are Now

After gaining momentum and success in food service, we launched our retail products in July of 2014. Our retail partners, distributors and brokers are on the forefront of the mission to eliminate fraudulent olive oils- and we are passionate about this endeavor. Together, we promote educational information, so consumers can make informed decisions at-shelf. Premium Extra Virgin olive oils are not just for cooking! They have qualities that are like a fine wine or craft beer; each with a unique and beautiful flavor characteristic that pairs differently with other ingredients. Let us help you understand true olive oil characteristics and taste, including the rich health benefits you can only receive from quality products.

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